Pasta Menu

Pasta Dinner Menu

If you volunteer to host a pasta dinner, you will feed about 35-50 people.*

The athletes arrive at the host’s house between 5:15 and 5:45. They generally stay no more than 60-75 minutes.


The host provides the house, plates and utensils, and the pasta and sauce (see below). Volunteers deliver food prior to the start of the dinner.  Please do not send this food with the girls!  The volunteers provide everything else, including:

  • 6 loaves of  bread or rolls – the girls like garlic, plain and variety of rolls.  The bread should be sliced and wrapped in foil, so the host can keep warm in the oven.  The bread should be delivered before start of the dinner (donor should call host to arrange time).
  • 1-2 bins of salad. The bins should be about 8 x 10 inches each. This should be a tossed green salad with some other veggies (cucumbers, carrots, peppers, etc) with dressing in a container on the side. Please do not bring a vegetable platter.  The salad should be delivered to host before start of the dinner.
  • Donors should provide 4 cases of water and and chocolate milk boxes (24 count).  Please no soda or sugary drinks. The drinks should be delivered to the host before the start of the dinner.


The host provides 2-3 different types of pasta to feed 35-50 people, most of whom will have just finished swim practice and are very hungry. You are asked to provide the following:*

  • Always provide the basic pasta–pasta with red sauce. Ziti works well (3-4lbs of dry pasta) with about 6-8 lbs of red sauce.  Cook and mix into large aluminum pan. It can be covered and kept warm in oven while waiting for the girls.
  • Provide a meat alternative–1 large pan of (12 x 20 x 3) of lasagne OR meatballs (about 100).  Can purchase or cook this entree.
  • Host can add 1 additional pasta–choice of the host.  If you choose not to have an additional pasta, double the basic pasta with red sauce. The girls love mac and cheese, or host can choose plain pasta with olive oil, pesto, etc.  This also should be a large aluminum pan (12 x 20 x 3) about 3-4 lbs of dry pasta.
  • 2- tubs or shakers of grated cheese on the serving table
  • A large tub of  butter for the bread
  • About 50 sturdy plates, 50 forks, 75 napkins, drink cups, and some large garbage bags
  • You also might put balloons on your mailbox, or something else to make your house easily identifiable

The above amounts are approximate. Some days the girls eat less and some days they want more. Many people prefer to order the pasta from a local deli. If you do so, the deli can help you determine what to purchase. But if you cook the dinner yourself, you should consider recruiting other parents to help you in the kitchen. Volunteers will provide bread, salad and drinks (see above), but it is your responsibility to coordinate delivery.


* Because of homework and other commitments, the entire team never attends a pasta dinner.